The Rainbow is God's Promise of the good use of Water and Rain from Heaven above!

Let's Build Wells

Helping to eliminate suffering amongst all of God's Children by providing water to those who truly thirst

*Now IRS 501c3 Approved as a non-profit organization


***IMPORTANT UPDATE: SELLING A PROJECT LAND (to finance the other current running projects). Or possible partnering for development of a retreat center.

150 Acres in Piaui, Brazil- Pristine land with already a CareKeeper House (Care keeper willing to stay also), A 100 meter well (tubular), with capacity of over 2,000 liters per hour, Fenced in area of app. 12 acres for agriculture (has been used for planting watermelon), personal use.

$290K (Drastically Reduced Price!)

Call or email for details (Relocation, financing help also available)


Current Focus Project Location: Piaui, BRAZIL

Project Summary: This project will fund the acquisition and placement of a 15,000 liter watertank, as well as the drilling of a 100 meter water well. This shall provide drinkable water to the ever increasing surrounding community for many years to come. Water shall be used by a local community center being developed for placement of children so as the mothers and fathers may work to provide for other basic needs. Water shall also be provided directly to the surrounding houses through placement of pcv water pipes.The tank is filled daily by paid local functionaries of Let's Build Wells. All of this is provided free of charge to the local residents.

Estimated Number of people benefitting: 800+

Estimated Cost: $58,000

Estimated Maintenance Cost: $6,500/year

Goal Met: $ 1,000.00