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About Us


We are a group of likeminded individuals from various backgrounds and countries with one common goal: to help out others obtain the benefits of a good, clean water supply directly in their homes and provide irrigation support to farmers who otherwise are completely dependent upon rains.

We are not professional missionaries or aid workers, although we are associated with some in such professions (such as our associate, Brother Jim Missions, www.BrotherJimMissions.org ). We are professionals in the "real" world in many different occupations. Some of us are computer engineers, artists, retired, etc.... One thing we are not, are paid workers from the projects we sponsor. 100% of all donations go directly to the implementation of these projects- the drilling of the wells, pipes for the water transport, maintenance, land acquisition, payment of local functionaries for the maintenance, etc.... Our mission is to use our talents in the world to help out those who struggle with the bare minimums of life. For most people we help, the chore of obtaining drinking water is a daylong chore- often involving walking miles each day for a few buckets of water for drinking and washing. Although project areas such as Brazil have much potential water (only a few feet underground at places), the actual access to this water, outside of rivers, is extremely difficult. Shallow wells offer some relief, but are also hard to come by in the rockier areas. Tubular wells, drilled hundreds of feet below the surface, release this water potential, but unfortunately are beyond the means of most all people in such areas. The few tubular wells that there are usually are situated within the lands of the minority rich land holders, with little interest to see their use in helping the populace in general. National groups and government programs to help such people are non-existent. We do not work with any national groups or government agency, we work as an independent group whose only desire is to help those who are marginalized. We provide land and water at no charge to the populace.

We are not religiously affiliated with any institutional church or religion, although we do firmly believe that it is God's will that water be freely distributed to all His creatures. We do not ‘indoctrinate’ the individuals benefiting from this gift, there are absolutely "no strings attached". We merely help, empower, and even learn from them.

Help us help them. Join our family of good willed individuals. Peace.


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